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Take Tramway from Home to Sintra

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Take Tramway from Home to Sintra

Holiday house 5 minutes walk to the beach overlooking the Sintra hills and a twenty minute walk from the historic part of Sintra. The house has two bedrooms, a living room which has sofa bed that gives a couple more., A bathroom and a terrace with sea views for barbecues.

Praia das Maçãs
The name of this beach is due to the fact that the river will recede have gone there in times among apple orchards , so the fruit when it was ripe , fell into the water and went to the beach . Around the beach about 250 meters, settled several trading houses , from restaurants to cafes and bars as well as homes of local crafts , so the place became a meeting point for sintrenses that leverage its terraces and excellent food , summer or winter . Along the beach , there is a saltwater pool , a playground and picnic area . In extreme beach or on the left side or the right side, there slabs / rocks which can be fished with some stability. Beyond the beach , one of the attractions of this area is the famous tram ride , active again . The route starts in the Estefania area, near the Museum of Modern Art in Sintra , Colares goes through and ends with stop seaside , on Praia das Maçãs .

The Electric Sintra to Praia das Macas

In the year totaling 102 years of the opening of the first section of this service , we have a bit of history ...


The idea of ​​connecting Sintra to Colares and later came to Praia das Macas in 1886 . For several years several attempts were made to implement this project which failed one by one .

Only in November 1898 was given a giant step , where the Board has granted Nunes de Carvalho and Emidio Pinheiro Borges , for a period of 99 year concession to build and operate a railroad steam between Sintra and Praia das Macas , later replaced by electric traction .

In July 1900 the Company consists of the Railway Cintra to Praia das Macas which in 1904 was renamed if the Company Cintra Ocean.

In August 1902 , in the area Estefania began construction of this line , and in March 1903 are ordered from JG Brill Company American firm , 13 electric , 6 and 7 motors and trailers cars .

The March 31, 1904 is open the first section of this line between Sintra ( Old Town ) and San Sebastian de Colares , a distance of 8.900 meters and 10 July following, the section was opened to Praia das Macas , a distance of 3.785 meters .

From the beginning , life was always troubled electric . In 1914 the Company consists Sintra - Atlantic that replaced the previous company which had meanwhile broken.

The January 31, 1930 trams run to the picturesque village of the watermills Mar. The line thus reached its maximum extent : 14.600 meters .

Electric Sintra had entered their best period driven by the dynamism of its administrator , who runs Camilo Flour Sintra - Atlantic until the year of his death in 1946.

The decay emerge from the late 40's with the development of mechanical transport . From 1953 electric start to work only during the summer and closed in 1955 is the stuff Praia das Macas and watermills do Mar. In 1958 the same happens to the section between the Old Town and Sintra station , due to enlargement of the Volta Shower and increased automobile traffic in this area of Sintra .
Working only in summer seasons between Sintra ( Station ) and Praia das Macas , powered will acquire a special status , becoming a true " ex - libris " of Sintra and knowing a new golden age . On Sundays and holidays , it was common to see authentic avalanches of people looking for a place in electrical . There were trams arrived to carry that many people.

In August 1967, the Sintra - Atlantic group is bought by Eduardo Jorge trucking . With this new ownership investment in electrical reduces to a minimum of waiting for their survival end of its concession for the exploitation had long ceased to be profitable . The degradation of infrastructure and rolling stock are visible , due to the divestment by the utility company .

This is nothing exciting panorama extends until 1974 , year in which the electrical work for the last time to Sintra . In July 1975 it authorized by the substitution of electric buses .

Despite all the adversity , the willingness to put trams on the rails again and did not end May 15, 1980 , was officially resumed the movement of trams on this line but only between Banzão and Beach .

Between 1996/97 was recovered section between Ribeira and Praia das Macas and October 30, 1997 , at Riverside saw again reach trams. The June 4, 2004 , precisely the year of its centenary , trams run again to Sintra , more specifically to the area of Estefania .

Back in operation this " heritage rail " and many years later , it is with great joy that turned to see the full circular electric passenger cars .


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