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There are so much to do and so much to see in Europe during all seasons. If you prefer culture, Europe has a rich culture with thousands of years with art, architecture and music. Enjoying a cup of coffee, relax and looking at people passing by, this is culture of today. Don’t just be an observer take an active part in the culture, enjoy the food, the music and the people, a cup of Coffee is always a good start. To rent a vacation house and stay close to the natives is a good way to better understand the culture better, you will easiest find your stay at There can be a big difference in the culture experience depending on which country you visit. To learn from others is a rich experience which can develop you as an individual, take the chance to develop by learn from others.  There are so many great places to visit, perhaps just around the corner.

There are miles after miles with wonderful beaches were waves from the Medetarainien Sea, Atlantic, English Channel, Baltic Sea strives toward the white sand. Why not book a vacation house by the clear water around the Medetereanien Sea or a vacation cottage with a great view over the Alps or a Nordic fjord, all kind of vacation houses can be booked at There are hundreds of nice lakes and beaches were you can bath, enjoy and cool yourself under the European sun. Enjoy the sun and bath during the daytime and the local food, beverages, shopping and night life during the evening and night.

During the summer vacation you can relax but also having an active vacation with hiking, bicycling, sailing, riding and many other activities. Each country and each place has something which is waiting for you, you just need to find it. Why not hiking in the Alps or in the mountains in the Nordics, there are a lot of tracks with exiting views, restaurants and opportunities to stay the night. You will always find your best stay at