Vacation in POLAND

Vacation in Poland is indeed a good choice depending on ones preference. Poland is located in Cental Europe, bordered to the North by the Baltic Sea. What makes it popular among tourists as a travel destination is that it is one of the most diverse countries in Europe when it comes to places to see and activities to enjoy. Warsaw is the political, commercial and financial capital and home to a marvelous Old Town that was remakably rebuilt out of the rubble following World War II. Krakow is the cultural center of Poland and the former capital. Its central district is a UNESCO World Heritage site, and worth checking out for a few days. For more medieval attractions, take a trip to the bridges of Wroclaw and the Renaissance inspired architecture of Lublin. With the new high speed rail linking numerous cities across Poland, seeing all these all in one trip is certainly realistic.

Poland’s role in World War II was more horrific and tumultuous than any other country on Earth, and touring the infamous Auschwitz camps will leave a lasting memory. For a more upbeat experience, Bialowieza National Park, Bory Tucholskie National Park, and the cascade-filled Karkanoski National Park, are among the leading natural attractions in the country.

Accommodation in Poland used to be less expensive compared as of today. Major cities like Krakow and Warsaw have the larger hotel chains and cheaper options. Just be aware though that some of the hostels are notorious problem spots, with reports of unclean facilities and silly curfews that’s why better plan out very well your accommodatins to avoid problems during your trip. Beer is the drink of choice among locals, although Russian vodkas are prevalent at most clubs and pubs. Food in Poland is quite unique, and there are numerous traditional dishes that can be sampled throughout the cities.

You will get to Poland through the popular Warsaw Chopin International Airport, the country’s major gateway. There are also several other airports where over a million passengers a year passes through, including Krakow and Katowic. Most domestic flights are booked through LOT Poland Airlines, which spans the country with short-haul flights. Traveling into Poland by train is also possible from major cities in Germany, the Netherlands, Russia, Austria, and Czech Republic. However, the cheapest way to reach Poland is by bus.

Infrastrusture in Poland has improved over the years, but the country doesn’t have a quality standard roads as yet. With the lack of easy-to-navigate roads, Poland is not the easiest place to get around by car. Traffic jams are terrible, which makes the logistics of driving unfavorable.

While on vacation in Poland, there are a lot of things to do which makes it the main reason that more and more families are choosing Poland for their family vacation. Polish attractions encompass festivals, events, sporting events, parks, majestic scenery, and spectacular Gothic churches and Renaissance castles.


Warsaw is the capital of Poland. It is aslo home to Old Town which offers cobblestoned streets, markets, and various charming shops for all kinds of items. Warsaw is a city with many activities and things to do from visiting the 13th century Royal Castle to enjoying traditional Polish cuisine at the various restaurants. The city of Warsaw is one that offers a unique nightlife as well with chic and local clubs along ul. Mazowiecka in Œródmieœcie. The Lazienki Royal Gardens and the Palace on the Water may be one of the most popular attractions in Warsaw. You can visit the park for a stroll or a picnic without any cost, however, a visit to the musuem charged a small fee.


One of the most popular Polish attractions in the way of a festival is Shanties held in Krakow. Well, when on vacation, it is amazing to witness festivities of other cultures and experience it. The motif of awesome festival takes visitors and guests back to a time of sailors with sailor’s songs and the pure enjoyment of honoring these old time sailors.

In Gdansk, the Heineken Opener Festival is one of the most popular Polish attractions. This is one of the most talked about festivals throughout Europe with celebrities joining  to please the crowd of visitors from around the world.


Zakopane is the winter capital of Poland, a place of dream for tourist skiers. This is where you can find Tatra mountains. The Tatra Mountains offers skiing at its finest for beginners to experts with magnificent views from the highest mountain in Poland. The Tatra Mountains are always at the top of the list for Polish tourist attractions especially Wielka Krokiew, which is a ski jumping venue. Skiers and even those experiencing it for the first time love visiting and trying out the ski jump at Wielka Krokiew knowing that it was the host of the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships in 1929, 1939, and 1962. What can be more fun doing during winter in Poland than to go skiing. Mountains along the southern border of Poland is filled with snow and optimal skiing conditions from December until the end of March. In the Polish mountains , there are resorts from bustling fashionable towns such as Zakopane to smaller, atmospheric villages. You can also choose from a whole range of slopes equipped with modern facilities, accessible for experienced skiers and beginners. In the west, on the Czech border, are the Karkonosze and the picturesque ski resorts of Karpacz and Szklarska Poreba. Right in the middle is the Beskid and three ski resorts especially popular among skiers: Szczyrk, Wisla and Ustron.

Historical Attractions

Poland is abundant with history for which travellers are most interested in, and Czestochowa is one of the sought after Polish tourist attractions mainly due to this fact. The town is almost surrounded by Jurassic rocks with ruins of Medieval castles looking down upon Czestochowa. Aside from being historically known to tourists or travellers and with its magnificent scenery, the town has been popularized because it has become the home of many miracles at the Jasna Gora Monastery. A part of vacation in Poland is a place where you will be amazed with the architectural design of this 15th century monastery.

Black Madonna and Barbakan Krakowski

The city of Czestochowa is home to the national monument, the Black Madonna. Częstochowa is a town in Silesia, it has been known and famous for its magnificent Pauline monastery at Jasna Góra with the miraculous painting of Black Madonna, a shrine of the Virgin Mary. Many believe that miracles occur here and come hear to pray for forgiveness or for healing. The Black Madonna is one that have been visited for many years as a pilgrimage destination. Tours of the monastery include this miraculous Gothic painting of the Our Lady. Swedish forces had it under seige for about a month in the 17th century but a small group of monks fought off and saved their sacred icon. The city is also home for the Lusatian culture excavation site and museum. Close to it is  Ojców where you can admire the ruins of a medieval castle. It was a routine that after Ojcow, you can proceed to the Eagle Nest Trail, a line of medieval fortifications, beautifully situated on limestone cliffs. You can enjoy the tour of the monastery along with other attractions in Krakow including the Eagles Nests Trail which is a unique system of watchtowers and castles built to protect the city during the 15th century known as Barbakan Krakowski.


On top of historical Poland attraction is the Auschwitz concentration camp. There are three major camps here to explore on the Auschwitz camp area. Established in 1940, within disused army barracks Auschwitz was initially designed to hold Polish prisoners, but was expanded into the largest centre for the extermination of European Jews. The other two camps are Birkenau and Monowitz. In the course of their operation, between one and 1.5 million people were killed.  Auschwitz was only partially destroyed by the fleeing Nazis, so many of the original buildings remain as a bleak document of the camp’s history. A dozen of the 30 surviving prison blocks house sections of the State Museum Auschwitz-Birkenau.

Nature Adventures

When on vacation in Poland, the Bieszczady Mountains are at the top of the list of must see. Experience the spectacular view of wildlife and beauty of the San River which known to divide the mountain.  You will definitely  love the beauty of lakes and never missed the Mazury Lakes off the top of Polish tourist attractions. The Lake District of Poland is home in the northwestern part of Poland. There are a lot of activities to enjoy including water sports. Some of the activities here are sailing, canoeing, horseback riding, and of course fishing. For a break you can get a bit of history, then stop by Gierloz the home of Hitler’s headquarters and Wolf’s Lair. In Ketrzyn, you will find a beautifully preserved 16th century castle and in Kadzidlowo, an animal preserve.

That is how a vacation in Poland will be like, definitely never ending exploration of historical and captivating nature which will amaze every traveller from all over the world. A part of Europe’s destination which is worth a part of the European trips. Different travel agencies offer different packages for itineraries. Travel research will be recommended before finally setting the date of your vacation in Poland that will serve as a guide so that the number of days for travel will be well managed and worth the trip and experience.