Vacation in Denmark

What makes Denmark more interesting to visit among other European countries? Well, travelling is liesure,  basically what people need to take time out from all the routines to gain energy and freshen up  to survive another year without getting worn out with life’s roller coaster.  If for the longest time that you’ve been busy, face has wrinkled out because you forgot to smile all year round. I suggest the  best place for you will be where the happiest people are, the happiest place in the world, Denmark.   Well isn’t that enough good reason for a great vacation in Denmark? You haven’t even left your country yet but I bet Denmark has already made you smile with just the thought of it.

We have enough reason now to know more about Denmark before exploring where in the world to find the happy people. Denmark is the southern-most Scandinavian country; consist of Jutland peninsula and over 400 islands, which are basically linked together by bridge.  Among those are Zealand and Funen. The Faroe Islands and Greenland both belong to the Kingdom of Denmark. The capital city of Denmark is the famous Copenhagen located in the island of Zealand.  It is the most visited place in Denmark because of its historical attractions and it has a great dining venues and a vibrant evening entertainment scene.  The Danish capital has cobbled streets leading to entertaining nightclubs, The centuries old Royal Palaces are across the water from a bold new Opera House, and it is interesting that bicycles share the streets by cars and buses. You can party all night and sleep all day, or take a  walk in the cobbled streets visiting museums and galleries, which makes everything different and amazing  while on Vacation in Denmark.

Let us talk about how we can experience a walk in Copenhagen,  to experience the wonderful and coolest city throughout Scandinavia. In the streets of Copenhagen, you can see mostly smooth flow of bicycles, cars and buses, without the irritating noise of horns, in the pedestrian streets of the city center. You can find boutiques and outdoor cafes which can make you wander at night, more so that there are no danger zones, nor slums and hardly any beggars to be seen in the streets. It is clean and safe. Over the years, the Danish capital has blossomed, defining the new architectures, evidently prosper and has become confidenty developed that charms not only the locals but tourists and travellers as well. More cafes and restaurants now are built compared from years back, which is a good thing for locals who now learn to enjoy dining out unlike before that they only go out to eat on special occassions restricted on Friday or Saturday nights only.  The buzzing of bars and cafes has changed all that, what’s on the trend now is the importance of hyggelige (cozy) atmosphere fostering a uniquely Danish sense of wellbeing and enjoyment.

The historic city of canals, cobbled squares and copper spires has amazed the rest of the world before Danes even appreciated the beauty of it. This has also made a way for Copenhagen to be recognized in fashion and design, architecture and now taking its course to the extraordinary culinary revolution. However, the thing is Denmark is not a cheap city by any means, it is a common knowledge that Scandinavia is expensive and Copenhagen regularly features among the most expensive cities in the world to live in.  If you are a budget traveller, definitely you will not be happy in Denmark.

What’s in a Day in Denmark

Vacation in Denmark will let you experience most of the time the use of your feet of riding a bicycle to feel what is instore in this happy place. A walk in Copenhagen is reasonably fulfilling because most of the sights in Copenhagen are centrally located from Kastellet down to Tivoli Gardens that cover most of tourists enjoy out in the city.  Depending on how long you wish to wander the corridors of the city’s many museums or gaze up at the castles of Amalienborg or Rosenborg will be the deciding factor on how long it takes to traverse the city. Shopping down at Stroget, before heading to the art galleries at Ny Carlsburg Glyptotek and ending the day exploring Tivoli Gardens would be good, to Christiansborg Castle, north to Royal Theatre Square, and then the major sights: Amalienborg Palace, Gefion Fountain, the Little Mermaid and the Kastellet before doubling back south to find Rosenborg Castle and the Round Tower.  Though it may sound like an daunting trip, in reality Copenhagen tours such as this one might last a half day, maybe a little more.  Of course, this is assuming only a cursory stop at each of these major tourist attractions, something the savvy traveler will probably want to avoid. That will just be an overview but let’s get there one by one.

Skagen Beaches

White sandy beaches of the west coast, shallow waters of the east coast and Sønderstrand is the beach located closest to the town. This is also the beach where the large Midsummer Eve´s bonfire is lit every year.

 Eat at Tyenkokkenhanskoneoghendeselsker

Before proceeding any further with the tour, dine and try something different as part of the journey. Named after the film “The Cook, the Thief, his Wife and Her Lover), the restaurant was again voted the best restaurant in the world and has three Michelin stars. Not only purvey a variety of wonderful dishes, they are never afraid to experiment with them either. Delightfully odd combinations (such as fish and coffee sauce) make eating here one of the top things to do in Copenhagen.

Remains of Viking Ships at the Viking Ship Museum

It is always interesting to step on the historical remains of the country you are visiting to fully understand what makes the place as it is now. Viking heritage centres in Denmark bring age-old crafts and traditions back to life. At the Roskilde Viking Ship Museum you can see 1000-year-old Viking boats and visit the museum boatyard where exact copies of the original vessels are made. And you can even hit the waves as a Viking oarsman on daily excursions. At the nearby Land of Legends and at the Ribe Viking Centre you find reconstructed Viking settlements where heritage crafts are demonstrated – and where children can try their hand at being real Vikings.

Carlsberg brewery

Norway is where Carlsberg was known for.  Visiting Carlsberg Brewery will give you introduction and history of Carlsberg. Here you can find beer brewing and the beautiful buildings. The tour begins at the visitors centre in the buildings of the Old Carlsberg Brewery, which creates an authentic experience of brewing culture and witness the importance of Carlsberg to Denmark’s industrialization. From here our guide takes you to the beautiful villa of J. C. Jacobsen, which is the honorary house for prominent scientists and for many years was the home of Danish Nobel Price Winner Niels Bohr. At the central square of the Carlsberg area, the Brewer Square, you will learn from the  history behind the Star Gate, the Lighthouse and the Lotus Chimney. The tour ends by the Carl Jacobsen’s opulent New Carlsberg Brewery and the Elephants Gate.  The Danes consume more beer, on average, than any other country in the world.

Rock out at the Roskilde Festival

Roskilde Festival is festival in the south of Roskilde in Denmark and is one of the five biggest annual music festivals in Europe being held for the 43rd time in 2013. Music fans will want to make the pilgrimage to this summer festival, where top rock bands from all over the world come to play Let’s be honest, this is the party of the year.

Ride the Roller Coaster at Bakken

Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen gets all the recognition, but Bakken can rightfully take its place as one of the top Denmark tourist attractions. Here, can see the oldest amusement park in the world. The rides and atmosphere almost seem to be purposefully the opposite of Tivoli – less flashing lights and devoid of the tourist traps of the Copenhagen park, Bakken is adventurously fun.

Play with Legos at Legoland

Consisting 45 million interconnected blocks, the theme park will not only be enjoyed by kids but all generations. Legoland is located in the small town of Billund, one of the most popular Denmark tourist attractions.

Egeskov castle

Egeskov Castle is the famous and best preserved moated castle built over 600 years ago in the island of Southern Funen.  The island fortress is considered as the best preserved Renaissance througout Europe surrounded by beautiful gardens of hedges, mazes, lawns, shrubs, trees, and other flora.

Stroll through Nyhavn

Take a walk or take a bike along the harbor front neighborhood. With a shimmering sun on the harbor, there are mix of an old sailor’s haunts and new updated storefronts.

A vacation in Denmark is always something to look forward to. It is a mix of fun and adventure that will make everyday of your vacation worth the stay. Surely, you will take some souvenirs upon leaving the country to keep afresh of the places you have experienced.  One thing can be certain after a visit in Denmak, you will always look forward to coming back.