Vacation in Mallorca (Spanish Island)

Mallorca is the largest among the four Balearic Islands of Spain located in the Mediterranean Sea. The other three islands are Ibiza, Formentera and Minorca. Mallorca is the most beautiful and exotic island in the Meditteranean and considered as Paradise by travelers all over the world.  For those who are crazy about beaches, definitely Mallorca island will amaze them with awe to the different ranges of beautiful beaches to choose from with whatever preference they may have, fine white sand beach to gravel, rocks or pebbled beaches. There are classified beaches also accessible for disabled people to the nudist beaches. Glistening beaches boast calm waters, ideal for swimming with golden Mediterranean sun of the Spanish Balearic Islands. Better yet, don’t forget to pack along your swim suit because a vacation in Mallorca means dipping in to the stunning clear blue waters of the Mediterranean.

Obviously what made Mallorca stunningly beautiful and stand out among other tourist destinations are the beaches. Before getting set for a vacation in Mallorca let’s  find out where we can go best and where celebrities often spotted. There are of course hundreds of it, but let’s filter it to the most visited ones.

Cala d’Or

Cala d’Or is the best resort if you are in a travel with your family, that’s of course with kids, where they can explore the picturesque and beautiful beach, while the older ones could settle among the eight coves for a more relaxing water experience.

Palma Nova

For the young adults who seeks fun and enjoyment all through the night or even til sunrise, Magaluf, Palma Nova is the place to be. It is a party beach ideally for meeting and mingling with other people.


For those who wants to enjoy the nature at its best with a quieter and peaceful beach spot and enjoys nurturing their body with the rays of the sun, Pollença is a perfect place to go to.


For those who wants to experience different water recreation and love the fun of different activities at the beach, they can go to Alcúdia beach. It is ideally suited for water sports. Sailing, waterskiing, parasailing and banana boats are all available on this fun beach.

Playa de Palma

Playa de Palma beach is where entertainment enthusiasts go to while enjoying the breeze and splash of clear water. It is known for hosting live entertainments where tourists will definitely enjoy.

Cala Pi de la Posada

If you want to stay in a Luxurious hotel adjacent to a stunningly exotic beach resort, try Cala Pi de la Posada. It is one of the best beaches in Majorca and full of great bars and cafes. You can do surfing here or can learn if you haven’t been into surfing yet. This is where most often celebrities are spotted.

These are just few of the beautiful beaches you can choose from, but definitely you will be amazed how stunning these beaches are and imagine to have taken a swim in one of those.

However, Majorca is not jus about beaches. With the beautiful location, of course Mallorca has beautiful sceneries and natural other attractions throughout the island. With two mountain ranges and over 4 million olive trees, the scenery in Majorca is incredibly varied.

Moreover Majorca also boasts some very impressive architecture that paints a picture of the island’s rich history. There are a number of beautiful sights to visit such as the Alaro Castle. This famed monument, located on the mountain top, can be reached by foot from the town of Alaro and offers breathtaking views of the island extending as far as Palma bay. Travelers can have a chance to experience sleeping in the castle by booking a room in the Alaro castle. The fortress also offers a bar and restaurant, open all year round.

Another great place to visit in Majorca is the Bellver Castle. The Bellver Castle, located just northwest of Palma on the Island of Majorca, is a 14th century Gothic style structure, famous for being one of the few circular castles in all of Europe. The Bellver Castle in Majorca is made up of a principle tower and three minor ones surrounding the outside walls and the main courtyard is often used for cultural events and concerts. This popular tourist attraction also boasts beautiful natural surroundings of lush green forest.

Palma has a good selection of museums and art galleries which exhibit works by both international and local artists from all periods.

Some of the museums and art galleries worth visiting are:

The Museu d’Art Espanyol Contemporani (Spanish Contemporary Art museum), has works by Pablo Picasso, Joan Miró, Salvador Dalí, and other 20th century Spanish artists.

Located in the southwest corner of the old Reniassance city wall is Es Baluard. With a spectacular view over Palma Bay, Palma’s newest museum houses works by Cezanne, Picasso, Miró and Barceló, among others, along with temporary exhibitions.

The Museu de Mallorca (Mallorca Museum) is an impressive museum relating the history of Palma through the ages and displays wonderful archeological findings.

Palma is a wonderful city with a number of monuments that you should be sure to visit.

The gothic Cathedral with its stained-glass windows is the best known landmark of the city. The cathedral dominates the waterfront and backs onto the oldest part of the city where churches of medieval, gothic and baroque periods are found along with Renaissance style buildings (like the City Hall) and stately homes with beautiful patios.

Visit the maze of streets at the back of the cathedral leads to the beautiful Banys Àrabs, the old Moorish bath house.

The Palau de l’Almudaina stands opposite the cathedral entrance. L’Almudaina used to be the palace of the Moorish governors and later of the Mallorcan Kings.

The Castell de Bellver is a beautiful well-preserved fortress from the 14th century. It is located west of the city centre, on the top of a wooded hill and has spectacular views over Palma Bay.

While in Mallorca, experience the celebrations and festivities they have in Spain. Traditionally, aside from the festivities shared with the rest of Spain such as Holy Week or Christmas, Mallorca has its own. Although each festival is different, they all have music, dancing, traditional costume and, in many cases, bonfires or fireworks. Commemorating every 19th January of each year, Palma celebrates the Revetlla de Sant Sebastià, their Patron Saint, by lighting foguerons commonly known as bonfires, grilling meat on them and then going from square to square listening to and dancing with the different bands playing. Sa Rua (carnival) takes place in February with big fancy dress parades along the main streets of Palma. Sant Joan, on 23rd June, celebrates the coming of summer with bonfires on the beach or fireworks and dimonis (people dressed up as the devil) in the city. Both Port de Sóller and Pollença have mock battles between Moors and Christians to commemorate the victory of Mallorcans over the Moor pirates who attacked these towns in the 16th Century.

Spanish cuisine and delicacies is something you have to experience while in Spain.  How much you love Italian food will make you appreciate Spanish food even more. Walk aroung the city and find the best places to eat out. Many of Palma’s most popular cafés, restaurants and tapas bars are located around the city centre, especially in the side streets of the Passeig des Born and the Avinguda d’Antoni Maura. We suggest however that, to try typical Mallorcan dishes in an authentic Spanish atmosphere, visit Génova, a little village just 15 minutes away from the centre of Palma with many popular Mallorcan restaurants to choose from.

Evenings of couse will not be complete without experiencing the night life. Every destination has their way of enjoying the night away and this does not exempt Mallorca. Some of the late-night bars of Palma are loacted along the Avinguda Gabriel Roca popularly known as  the Passeig Marítim. On the same street, Pachá and Titos’s  are two of the most popular among the tourists.

A vacation in Mallorca, the best ever Spanish Island is the best place there is for fun and relaxation. Most people are crazy about the beaches because it is how you can actually experience nature passionately which takes away all the stress, boredom and all of the negative vibes maybe that we carry through with our everyday routines in life. As you go back to base, I am certain that you are ultimately refreshed and energized  and ready again for everyday’s busy life.