Abooking.com reseller programs

Never before has it been so easy to make money in a reseller program. We have two programs and you can participate in both. There is no cost to attend, but you just sign up at www.Abooking.com and select “Reseller” in the menu.

Some questions and answers

  • What is Abooking.com?

With Abooking.com owners can rent out their house, their cottage or their apartment to guests from Europe and around the world. They retain control over their object, they decide when they want to rent it out and they decide the price.

Abooking.com is a growing marketplace for the provision of holiday accommodation where the owner has access to a competent tool to manage the rental. Abooking.com is:

Smart – a place which handles the entire booking process from publishing the object, reservations, confirmations, payment. The object will be available for booking for guests from all over the world. Many other websites refer to Abooking.com so that more people can find the objects

Easy – to register the object is quick and easy. It’s easy for guests to find accommodation, booking and Abooking.com give guests all the information they need to pay. Guests also get reminders when it’s time to pay

Safe – with the online calendar there are no risk for double bookings, the owner has full overview of all the reservations and their payment status. The payment service, customers can pay with Visa, MasterCard and several other cards. The owner makes no commitment in any way and at any time terminate the use of Abooking.com


  • Which reseller program offers Abooking.com?

Abooking.com offers two types of reseller program that is simple and generous. You can earn money by:

  • A. Recommend object owners to register their objects on Abooking.com
    When you register yourself as a Retailer, you will receive a link which is unique to you. You should provide the object owner with this link and ask them to register themselves and their object(s). When the object owner uses the link you provided, the object owner will automatically be registered to your reseller account. This association exists for all objects that the owner registers and during the object’s lifetime at Abooking.com. When a guest book the object, you as the reseller will earn 2% of the rental price.
  • B. Link from other websites to Abooking.com (Affiliates)
    By using your unique reseller link and post it on a website as a link to Abooking.com, you have created an Affiliates link. Abooking.com records visitors coming from affiliates i.e. other websites. For every guest coming from your website who book a stay, Abooking.com will give you  € 1 per booked night.

The yearly average rent income for a property is about € 7 500, some objects are rented out for more and others for less. According to the example above, this gives € 150 – to the reseller. If the reseller can provide 20 object the commission will be 20 x € 150: – = € 3 000: -, each year during the life time of the object as Abooking.com.
The money can be paid at the earliest, when there are 25 € at the reseller account and after you have initiated you want a payment to be made


  • Is there a material that I can use as a reseller?

There is much material in different languages ​​that you can use to promote Abooking.com and start making money as Reseller. Please note, do not forget to use the reseller link, if the object owner doesn’t use your link, we cannot know that you have recommended the object owner to use Abooking.com and you will not be registered as a reseller for this object.

Do like this!

  1. First Register at www.Abooking.com
  2. In the left menu, register as a dealer
  3. You will get a special link that you can use in all your marketing materials and on your website (Partner)

4th Start promoting Abooking.com and provide objects the owners with your link and ask them to register their objects on www.abooking.com

For more information : Abooking.com – Reseller Programs and you will find instructions here