Rent out your Apartment or House
Abooking is an international web service for publishing vacation houses, cottages, apartments etc. for guests all over the world. By publishing your property at you will notice the difference in the amounts of requests and you will be able to increase your occupancy of your property considerably.
The best part is that they have no costs for the service until a booking is managed via Abooking. I.e. you can publish your vacation home for free and when Abooking done the job and a guest book you vacation home, Abooking take a fee of 10% of the rental cost. There are no other fees. It’s fast and easy to register the property and if you need support just call us.

  • We offer a national and international market
  • You can choose when you want and how often you want to rent out your house
  • You have full control and decides when and how often you would like to rent out the property.
  • Abooking is not just a place for adverts. The effective booking calendar keeps track of all your reservations to avoid the risk of double bookings
  • Abooking provides you with reports, reminders and statistics that allow you to easily monitor your property
  • You can manage your entire rent out business via Abooking and the available features
  • Guests will receive booking confirmation including payment details to your bank according your information
  • The international booking service which increases your bookings and reduce your administration

Register you property already today No registrations costs. You will find detailed instructions here
Abooking is also an online service used by holiday villages, campsites, hostels etc. Contact us for more information

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