About us

About Abooking

Already since the beginning of eighties we have helped property owners and vacation guests to find each other.

Abooking started as a small company in Norway for mainly Nordic vacation houses/cottages and we have since then grown into a modern company. We are located in Norway, Sweden and Estonia but operates over the whole world. We are using the latest technology to give our property owners and guests the best experience. Even though we are growing as a company our basic values are still the same. Our responsibility and engagement will ensure a high level of service. We want to give the property owners the ability to use a modern application to manage the booking administration.

The market place is now all over the world and all are welcome to use Abooking. Our main idea is that it should be easy, secure and enjoyable to use Abooking and to publish the house and to market it on the world arena. We from Abooking.com spend time and energy to promote the vacation homes in several languages and in several countries.

Abooking has one of the lowest fees for the vacation home owner, we can keep low prices and high quality by using optimized processes and technology. You can always be ensured that we will support you independent if you are a guest or a vacation home owner, you are safe under our wings.

Our aim is to become Europe Nr.1 booking system for vacation homes

Our Staff

All staff working for Abooking.com are engaged and positive, we are all here to support you and to answer the questions you have. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact our support department info@abooking.com and one of our engaged staff from our support team will contact you.


You are welcome as an Abooking.com user so take the opportunity to let out your property or take the opportunity to rent a vacation home somewhere in the world